Intrigued by the compelling endeavors of social activists, cultural tastemakers, + innovators, Sara Mohazzebi is an international journalist, producer, + on-camera host known for covering unique individuals who are actively shaping modern culture. From red carpet stars to refugees, she travels the world to capture their stories + perspectives. 

With her original start as a global entertainment reporter, Sara has interviewed major A-list talent including Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Drew Barrymore, Ryan Gosling, Scarlett Johansson, + Jessica Alba. Equally passionate about social good, Sara soon began to also report on international activism + the stories of underprivileged communities facing economic, health, + human rights issues.

Published in numerous popular domestic + international media outlets including The Daily Beast, Esquire, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Emirates Woman, + PopSugar,  Sara has also written for + been commissioned by the United Nations World Food Programme +  the Montblanc Signature For Good initiative in addition to being a global culture correspondent for Puma Social. Most recently, Sara was the syndicated columnist + host of the series Up To Real Good  a column dedicated to socially conscious brands with a global give back to women + children’s health + development for TakePart World (Participant Media’s news division).

Sara has an MFA in Film Producing from the American Film Institute + is the recipient of the Amy Bloch Producer Fellowship for producing excellence. She also has a B.S. in Film + Multimedia Production from Drexel University.

Her favorite word is yes.

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